About Us:

We were first introduced to the Coton De Tulear in 2001.  A very good friend of mine returned from CA to Upstate NY for a two week visit and brought her dog with her. Both my husband and I were very impressed with the many qualities we saw in this breed and fell in love with the personality.  The Coton De Tulear fit all the qualities we were seeking in a smaller, fun loving, friendly, adorable little dog.  After continuing to research the breed and finding a reputable breeder, we soon purchased,  our first companion Coton, Cuddles.  He met all of our expectations and more and everyone we introduced him to fell in love with him and asked us, “what kind of dog is this??!!”

Each and every day we had him, we became more and more excited and in love with him and the breed.  After much research, careful planning and much discussion, we decided we would like to share this wonderful breed with others.  Within a few months, I sought out a wonderful Coton breeder, who has become my mentor and friend, Corinna Yannoulopoulos of Riverport Kennels near Ottawa, Ontario Canada.  After many conversations with Corinna, visits to her home, research, and educating myself in greater detail about the breed, we purchased a breeder quality male and female, both of whom were adult dogs and both with championship bloodlines, from Riverport Kennels.  Corinna’s devotion to the breed as well as her wealth of knowledge has helped pave the way for me to become a reputable Coton breeder here in Upstate NY.